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RSlogix5000 training

Summary of the Course Contents.

PLC’s have been around for many yearsand of course over the years technical advances have meant that they are nowvery user friendly and versatile.This specific course concentrates on the RSLogix/Studio5000 PLC Ladder Logic software and the platforms using it.

The course is very practical oriented to give delegates the tools necessary to confidently create and program projects, and Design, Implement and Maintain.Listed below is just a brief description of some of the topics covered.


RSlogix/Studio5000 PLC Ladder Logic Training.

Summary of the Course Contents.

The FactoryTalk View HMI systems have been around for several years and they are ideally suited for any type of plant control that may be required.

This specific course concentrates on the development of FactoryTalkView applications and their deployment when using FactoryTalkStudio with RSlogix/Studio5000 PLC software.


The course is very practical oriented to give delegates the tools necessary to confidently create and program projects, design, implement and maintain.

All techniques are discussed and practiced.

Control systems are a very significant part of our lives and are in use in many manufacturing industries. Some of these will be discussed.

Listed below is just a brief description of some of the topics covered.

FactoryTalkViewSE Training Linked to RSlogix/Studio5000.

E-Learning Opportunities for You.

  • The outline and objectives of the course.
  • Explanation of what is a PLC and why a PLC.
  • Explanation of the PLC processor and its purpose.
  • Creating a project.
  • Using ladder logic programming.
  • Using PLC hardware such as I/O modules.
  • Communication across networks.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting considerations.
  • Design considerations.
  • Introduction and setting up of the Factory Talk Directory.
  • Creating an application.
  • Setting up communications.
  • Tag creation and usage.
  • Creating and using graphics.
  • Trends and datalogs.
  • Parameter files and creating a client.
  • Macro's, symbols and the command line.
  • Key configuration.
  • Configuring security.
  • Creating alarms.
  • Using a networked application.
  • FactoryTalkViewME. The differences.


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E-Learning Options.

I am now going to introduce you to my E-Learning Virtual Classroom Training Options.

I have successfully conducted my first classes with people from all over the World. Feedback has been amazing.

These classes are divided into Modules, and they can be conducted in 2 hr sessions or for a number of days of around 7 hrs per day. During this period, the student and the instructor have full interaction both visually and verbally. 

The sessions are recorded and will be made available to you after completion.

Training in today’s world is essential to reach optimum performance in your field of expertise. Classroom training is an option that is still very popular,  but can involve absence from the workplace for quite long periods. A growing number of employers are reluctant to agree to this.

This is where the E-Learning Virtual Classroom Training gains a huge advantage. You can be anywhere, anytime.

Various times will be scheduled to accommodate different time zones from all over the World. I am based in South Africa which is GMT+2.

The courses I am conducting now are PLC training, RSlogix/Studio5000 from Basic to Advanced. and FactorytalkViewSE Training linked to RSlogix/Studio5000. The number of students in any one class will be restricted to 5 people.I also carry out Live Classroom Training if this is your preference.Please see below for further information on the above courses.

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